Friday, July 5, 2019

Let the Summer sewing begin, V9357

The time of year that I like best for sewing is the Summer, there is nothing like a Sundress.  This Summer we start off with V9357:

My version of V9357

I have to say I enjoyed sewing this dress, however I did make some errors in my FBA.  You may or may not be able to tell from the photos, it seems that I added a little too much across my bust and I have a slight gap under my arms:

Take two

To be honest, I didn't realize I had made the error until I took photos for the blog.  In either case I will make the needed adjustments under the arms before wearing it again.  However, I will more then likely not go through the drama of taking pics again LOL.

One of the options that I liked about this dress is that It did not need a lining or facing, just a simple bias tape solution:

My bias tape arm finish

The other joy I had with sewing this dress was the chance to match my chevrons on both my bodice and pockets:

Bodice up close view

Pocket up close view

Pocket view 2

Of course we can't forgot what gives the dress that extra touch, I would be referring to the buttons of course:

My choice Belle Buttons by Dritz

Being that the bodice neck and sleeves were finished with bias tape, I thought it would also be nice to top off the dress' skirt with bias tape as well:

Buttons and bias hem view

For the inside finish I usually do an over-stitch on each piece before sewing them together as such:

My usual inside edge finish

If I have any suggestions for the pattern, it would be to double check your FBA. I am not sure if I didn't take into consideration the unique geometric sides pieces or not, if I make it again I'll be sure to correct the FBA.  Until then I will leave you with one more view and here's hoping you visit again soon:


Keeping myself together one stitch at a time..........

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

These simple steps.......

How many years of experience do you have with sewing? What habits and systems have you developed over the years? Some of these systems we have developed due to trial and error, ways to help us to remember, or organize our thoughts.

My system...... I read and highlight my pattern directions.

Benefit number one is that it helps to place me in a sewing frame of mind. Think of it as a stretching session before exercise, a warm up if you will.

It can also help to spur inspiration, the “oh instead of that what about this.....”

My system is simple enough, I use colored pencils and highlighters to remind me of various things.

My colors are:

GREEN: Action! It often highlights how a step should be completed.

YELLOW: Caution! Don't forget! This marking reminds me to slow down, take note.

RED: Stop! Life happens, the text message that suddenly chimes, the pot on the stove that boiled over, the child that ran into the room. All of these events can cause us to overlook or forget to do a basic step, however marking where I left off helps me to refocus when life interrupts.

As you can see my system is easy enough, an old habit I started years ago, that continues to keep me on track today. Let know what systems do you have in place that keep you on track?

Also if you want to learn more great ideas check out the book by the called “1000 Clever Sewing Shortcuts and Tips”. Here is a link:

It's a treasure trove of information and inspiration!

Until next the next post, I'll be keeping myself together one stitch at a time.